Just when you thought...

you were going to have a quiet evening, day, anything, everything changes!  My son leaves for China next Wednesday and like a typical young man, leaves everything to the last minute.  I have asked him to check into his Chinese visa many times, but he decides to actually do something about it last weekend.  The only chinese consulate nearby is in Calgary and much to his surprise, he has to have a passport that is valid for the next six months.  Well, his is up for renewal in four months, so  first  he has to apply on Monday for a new one, which he fast tracked it, and it was ready yesterday.  Now, hmmm, what to do about the Chinese visa?  They won't do it by mail, only by person, or you have someone do it for you and they are only open two hours a day.  So he couriers his passport and application to a friend who lives in Calgary, to arrive today, only to have the friend tell him last night he won't be able to stay home and wait for it.  So, at 11:30pm I get a phone call asking if he can borrow my car so he can drive to Calgary at 4:30a.m. this morning so he can wait for his mail.  So, at 4:30a.m. he arrives, but of course the dog thinks he's an intruder, and decides she's going to protect me (or at least pretend to).  As soon as she finds out that it's him, she's so excited that she wants to play and proceeds to grab every toy she can find.  He leaves and my dog is now wide awake and wants me to play with her.  I finally fall asleep, and before I know it, I am awakened at 7:45 am. by the workmen who are going to jackhammer our back patio and driveway to put in a new sewer line.  There goes my nice quiet evening, morning, and afternoon!  I love my sons dearly, but for some reason they just can't organize their lives and leave everything until the last minute and then they panic!   I know there are lots of you out there that can relate to this!!
 So, when my wonderful and thoughtful sister heard about my evening and morning, she dropped off a coffee for me, thinking I really needed my Tim Horton's.  Unfortunately, she forgot that the worst side effect ever from this chemo is, that I just can't seem to drink coffee.  For those of you who know me, that's bad!!!!  But it was enjoyable for me to see someone else enjoy their Tim's.  Check out these photos:
Pat finished her coffee, and my dog immediately jumped up to lick her coffee cup for any dribbles.
Yes, my dog is a "Timmy's" girl.

This is sooo good!

Just a little bit more!

I think there's a few drops at the bottom here.  

Boy, that's good coffee!  Can I drink yours?

No?  Maybe I can get a few more drops from here.
I think she's been sneaking my coffee when I haven't been looking.  It appears she's really missed having her Tim's!  At least that cheered me up and we had a good laugh!

I did get my layout finished for the next Urban Scrapbook monthly challenge kits and here it is!
I was going to use another photo and do something different, but when I put this photo on my blog the other day, I thought it was perfect with these papers!


I made my flowers from the patterned paper.  The polka dot and large flower were cut out with my Slice machine.  The yellow one is from pleated ribbon.  All the paper, ribbon, yellow letters and diecuts are Pink Paislee's new line "Queen Bee".  Love this line!!  The stamp I used is from "Glitz".  These kits go on sale May 1st at Urban Scrapbook, and they go fast!

On a more serious note,  I am starting to lose my hair.  I spent the afternoon at Urban yesterday and I told Pat, if she sees any bald spots, stick one of those Prima flowers on top!  I could end up with a whole head of flowers!  At least I have a lot of hair, so it will take a few days I'm sure for me to notice.  I have a wig already, which is a really nice one actually, so I'm prepared.  It's all good!  
On that note, have a great and hopefully quiet, evening!


Petra van Osch said...

I was surfing from SIS to your blog because I love your inspiring creations so much and that's when I found out about you having breastcancer and that you're having such a hard and difficult period. I must admit: I'm a bit in a shock. I wish you a lot of strength and I'll keep you in my thoughts! And I also hope that you have fun, joy, peace etc. while creating all those gorgeous layouts.
Hugs from the Netherlands, Petra

pumpkinpatch said...

So I'm not sure if Heather told you but I can get shampoos and such for hair loss. When I lost my hair and had to shave my head I used Nioxin treatments and fast shampoo and it helped. Though it still took about a year and a half to get any length and still is not what it used to be,thickness shine etc... oh well.
Talk to you soon!!!

Heather Prins said...

oh those pictures are hilarious!!! BTW my son is exactly the same!!!!

Alison said...

Those pictures are priceless....dogs are such joys to have around - they don't know they are being silly, they are just themselves. Love the layout - the colors are great!!

Keep being strong and take care.

Sandra D said...

The photos of Roxy are adorable - have you taught her to roll up the rim? The lo is gorgeous as always - you are the Slice flower master. Sorry to hear about your hair loss and the other chemo side effects.

Sheri said...

Hi Jan,

I hope this message finds you happy and well!

I'm so sorry that you can't enjoy your timmy's... maybe you will have to switch to Second Cup now! (wink)

I LOVE the photos of Roxy.. please send those in to Tim Hortons' or bring them into the local store because they are priceless!

Miss you

PS: I bet you look beautiful bald!

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