Hello crafting friends! Today I'm sharing another project I created for the Tim Holtz Idea-ology booth at  Creativation 2019.  This is my Mr. Tinkham's Trunk Vignette box.

I love using Idea-ology's Vignette boxes and this new Divided (TH93794)one gives you some different options.  The dividers inside all can be removed.  I decided to just remove the larger bottom one so I had a bigger area above the two smaller dividers.

My first step was alter the outside and inside of my vignette box.  I covered the outside back with Wallflower patterned paper (TH93110), tearing a bit away from the corner, exposing the wood.  I then added in a few pieces from the Idea-ology Journal Card pkg(TH93957). There are 4 different sizes of cards in this package, 25 of each size.  That's 100 cards in the one package! You can see one on each side here, they were adhered wrapping them around the edge of the box. I didn't apply the adhesive right to the edge in some areas, so I could curl up the edges. I also used a couple of the new Classic Label Stickers (TH93959) here. In this package there are 4 different colours; blue, red, black and pink. The papered box was distressed with Distress inks and Oxide inks.  Ranger's Opaque Crackle Paste was applied randomly and let dry. I then used Distress crayons (Gathered Twig, Vintage Photo, and Weathered Wood) and a bit of water to moisten, to darken and age the crackle.  Some places, I picked off some crackle.  

On the sides, I used journaling cards, classic label stickers, and ephemera, distressing these before adhering.  I left some of the wood exposed and applied Crackle paste randomly.  The inside of the box was covered with Wallflower patterned paper.  I also covered the dividers on both sides. I inked the edges of my papers before adhering. Crackle paste was also applied randomly to my paper and to the box edges.

In this small divided side, I filled it with a small painted Vignette Frame(TH93694). I used a piece of Keepsakes Ephemera(TH93958)inside the frame.  This old advert gave me the idea for my Vignette box theme. This and the other pieces of ephemera were distressed with Distress Oxide inks.

On this side I painted one of the new Deco Frame Adornments (TH93792) with red and a touch of green Distress Paint.  Mr. Tinkham's photo is one of the new small Found Relatives photos(TH93798).  I cut it down to fit behind the adornment frame. My little book is actually made using a book cover piece from Layers Remnants(TH93956), cut up pieces of old book paper the same size, for the inside and a piece of heavy cardstock for the back.  Using my Tim Holtz stapler, I stapled the inner pages together in the middle (it won't show).  I used a piece of Designer Tape for the book's spine. Tiny Text Remnant Rubs(TH93695) were added to a lightly sanded Classic Label Sticker.  A price sticker (Keepsakes Ephemera TH93958) was placed in a Memo Pin (TH92833).  For my Filmstrip Ribbon(TH92820), I cut down one of the photo postcards from the Layers Remnants (TH93956) to fit behind the acrylic.  I find if you heat the ribbon slightly with your heat gun, while holding it with tweezers, you can make it hold that shape.  Be careful, don't overheat! I use Ranger's heat tool, it's not a direct heat like some embossing heat guns. The memo pin pokes through this to hold it securely into the wood.  There's also a Pen Nib (TH92909) in the back.

For the largest divided opening, I created a travelling trunk.  My "trunk" is actually a Vignette Box (3.875 x 2.75 fromVignette Set TH93782).  I covered the outside of the box with Mushroom Metallic Kraft Cardstock (TH93784).  This was sanded, a little heavier in some areas and the edges. To darken the sanded areas, rub in Distress crayons or/and ink.  I've cut two strips of the new Ruler Ribbon(TH93955) and adhered these to the front. Distressed Keepsakes Ephemera labels were added.     Red paint was added to  four Hardware Heads (TH93788) which were adhered to each corner.

For my trunk "handle" I used a Clock Hand (TH93693).  I bent it around a dowel to get the curved shape, then using small pliers bend the ends out.  For the one end with the hole, I inserted a Fluted Fastener (TH93273) with it's brad and the other side, I just stuck the end of the clock hand into the center of the fastener.  Both of these ends were adhered with Collage Medium to the trunk.

The wheels of the trunk were two Mini Pulley Wheels (TH93580) which were coloured with a combination of Candied Apple, Ripe Persimmon, Black, and Vintage Photo distress paint/crayons.

Before adhering the trunk, I added in ephemera, and labels, distressed with Oxide inks to the back of the box.  I used Collage Medium to adhere the trunk.  That completes my project.

Here's another look at my finished Vignette Box!  I have a few more projects from the booth to share,...but that's another day! 

Thank you to all of you who took part in the Creativation blog hop and all the wonderful comments!  Congratulations to Mel Roberts-Hareld, Kathy Tucker, Tiffany Hopkins and Dana M; the blog hop winners!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Tim Holtz Creativation 2019 Blog Hop and Give-Away! If you are following along, you have just hopped over from the very talented Emma WilliamsRichelle Christensen is hosting this blog hop featuring inspiration from all those who contributed to the Tim Holtz booths. Make sure you visit all these amazing artists and leave a comment on everyone's blog for a chance to win prizes!

Today I am sharing a "Fairy Garden Clock" I created for the Tim Holtz Idea-ology booth.

This Assemblage Clock(TH93065) has been painted, an embossed metallic strip around the outside and inside, the glass removed, and a fairy garden placed inside.  My reaction as soon as I saw these wings in my secret goodie box?  I think I gasped, I'm sure it was the same as all the other designers, lol!  Couldn't wait to use them, and there's so many in the package!

My first step was removing all the extra parts of the clock; legs, glass, etc. I lightly sanded the clock, just to give it a bit more grip, as it is a smooth metal.  Everything was then painted with 2 coats of Ranger Ink's Black Gesso. I then dry brushed my Distress Paints in Forest Moss, Peeled Paint and Fossilized Amber onto my clock base and parts.
 Next, I ran a sheet of Ranger's Foil Sheets in the 3D Botanical Texture Fade through my Vagabond Machine. I cut the width to the same as the texture fade, ran it through once, then embossed from the other end.  You are going to need a strip for the outside of the clock and one for the inside.  If you need to piece extra strips, I do it at the bottom,underneath the clock or inside, where it isn't visible. These embossed pieces might tear a bit when embossing, but don't worry, the foil is very sticky and once painted, you won't notice when they are placed on the clock.

First paint your strips with (I think I cut them about 1 5/8 - 1 3/4 wide) Black Soot, then dry brush Forest Moss, Peeled Paint, Fossilized Amber, and a bit of Dried Marigold and Tumbled Glass. Peel off the backing a bit on one end and apply around your outside edge of your clock.  I did not apply the strip right to the edge as it was curved, so I tried to keep it on just the flatter part.  Attached your top clock parts and the legs. 

 I didn't replace the clamps on the inside that held the glass in place. Screw in the legs. Then apply your strip to the inside of the clock.  It won't fit perfectly flat, there will be lumps from the screws, but you won't really notice once you have filled it.  

The inside and outside back of the clock was covered with patterned paper from the Wallflower Collection(TH93110).  Now you can fill your clock inside with your fairy garden scene.  I glued down a piece of moss from the craft store. I also adhered a Metal Gate piece(TH93961) at a slant.  Leave enough room for a thimble toadstool to go behind it.

Using a Tiny Vial (TH93201) and Corked Vial (TH92899) as my toadstool bases, I filled these with Distress Glitter, then sealed the bottoms.  The Thimbles (TH93791) were my tops.  These were tinted with Distress Paint and a bit of Clear Rock Candy Glitter added to the top.  My Thimbles were glued to the end of the vials.  The short tiny vial was turned upside down and then adhered to the thimble. 

My Thimble Toadstools were then glued to the clock inside. These new Baseboard Dolls (TH93796) are perfect for 3-d decor items, these were tinted with Distress Markers.  I added on the new Transparent Wings(TH93785) to my dolls and then adhered these to my clock base. 

 The one standing has a threaded needle in her hand and the one sitting has her hand inside a vial filled with fairy dust (Distress Glitter).  A bit of glitter was added randomly to the wings and doll's hair.  I also added in some flowers(Bouquet Findings TH93569) coloured with Distress stain spray (Dried Marigold and Scattered Straw).  There's also a small star wand (TH93572 Treasures Adornments) with a bit of glitter applied, stuck in the moss.

To finish off my Fairy Garden Clock, I tinted some ribbon with Distress Stain Spray, and crocheted a chain with Tim Holtz Black Craft Thread(Eclectic Elements - Neutral set) and the new Mini Pins (TH93790) woven into this.  I added two charms on each end, one of them a hand from the Milagros Adornments pkg (TH93676) and the other a Story Stick (TH93680).
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and thanks so much for visiting.  I have a few more projects from Creativation 2019 that I will be featuring here in the near future.  Hope you visit again!

 Next on the blog hop is the fabulous Jennalee Anderson.

There are a few prizes to be given away, just leave a comment on ALL the participating blogs for a chance to win!  Comments must be posted by February 9th at midnight PST to enter for a prize.  Three winners will be announced February 10 on Richele's Blog!

Here's a complete list of all the participating designers:

Jennalee Anderson next on the hop

Good Luck and enjoy all the Tim Holtz inspiration!



Hello friends!  Valentine's Day is coming and every year I like to create at least one Valentine project.      I'm sharing my vintage crackled heart with you today.

A few years ago, I created a paper mache heart with quilted paper (here), and I really wanted to make another smaller one.  

I found this metal heart at a craft store (Michael's, not a paper mache one, but this one was about the size I wanted.

I had covered a metal heart in a different shape and size last year, and I really liked how the Tim Holtz Collage Paper looked.  This one was not gessoed before the paper was applied, and the edges were given an aged look.  The metal shows through the paper, so it gives it a darker look.

I applied white gesso on both sides of my heart.  While that was drying, I stamped a piece of Tim Holtz Plain Collage Paper with this script stamp from his Entomology Stamp set (CMS328) with Archival black ink (so it doesn't bleed when using my different mediums).  I've covered one side of the front of my gessoed heart with my stamped Collage paper and clear Collage Medium. I am very generous with the medium, so that the Collage paper becomes transparent.  On the back, I've covered my heart on both sides, leaving the middle plain. 

Before applying Crackle Texture Paste, I applied Distress Vintage Collage medium all over my heart, both sides.  This sealed in the stamped Collage paper and gave it an antique look.

While the Crackle Texture paste dried, I cut out a few small pieces of patterned paper.  These were from the Tim Holtz Wallflower collection, and they were the small 3x3 or 3x4" designs in the paper stash. The patterns are smaller, which I like to use on smaller projects.  I taped the pieces together on the backside with masking tape or washi tape, where their edges met. I had traced my heart shape on a piece of scrap paper to give me an idea of the shape and size I needed. I then stitched with embroidery floss, where my papers met, connecting the edges together(I left the tape on the back).  I torn a bit of the edges and curled them up on the inside of the paper heart.

I antiqued my crackled parts of the heart with a Gathered Twigs Distress Crayon and a small amount of water, using my fingers.  The Distress crayon was also applied along the edge of the heart in the recessed areas.  To adhere the quilted paper, I lightly wet the paper with water, just enough so it was a bit damp.  If you added too much water, just carefully dab with a paper towel.  This makes the paper more pliable and a little easier to maneuver on the curved surface while adhering with Collage medium.

This is the backside of my heart.  You can see where the crackle was applied, mostly on the areas where I didn't have the stamped paper.  I didn't use any patterned paper on this side.

To finish off my heart, I added in flowers (Bouquet Findings TH93569) that were tinted with Distress Spray Stain, painted Key (TH92822), a tinted Countdown Brad Fastener(TH93631) inside a Typed Charm (TH92819), Story Stick(TH93680), held together with a Loop Pin(TH93200) and Mini Pin (TH93790) and tied with Distress Stain Spray tinted seam binding ribbon.

                                          Here's another look at my chippy vintage heart!

Thanks so much for visiting me here today. 

 Tomorrow, Tuesday February 5, 7:00am PST, there will be a Tim Holtz Creativation Blog Hop.  I hope you join myself and all the amazing designers who all contributed projects for Tim's Creativation booths. We are all sharing projects we created.  Not only lots of inspiration, but there will be prizes!  Richele Christensen is the host of this blog hop and will have all the information on her blog.  See you tomorrow!


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