Hello friends!  Here’s my second project that was created for Tim’s Sizzix Everyday 2023 YouTube live release.

                       I love this new Road Trip Colorize set, so fun!  

I’ve used the new Alphanumeric Bulletin set for the word “wander” and my cardstock is the Ranger Distress Christmas Woodgrain and the Halloween Woodgrain sheets. This die set cuts out the 2” letters in two parts, an outline and an inner letter.  This allows you to use both pieces separately or together.

Sizzix Sticky Grid Sheets really helped line up my dies when I die-cut my word. I used the negative space of my Christmas Woodgrain paper for my card background so I wanted the letters straight. I left out the letter “N” in the word as I was going to add that (just the outline) over my car luggage. I’ve repeated this with the black Woodgrain paper. You could also use just plain black cardstock, as you are only going to use the outline part of the letter die-cut. Remove the white outline part of the letters and replace it with the black.

To add the die-cut tree so it looks like it’s embedded into the letter, leave your letters on the sticky grid.  This is a bit tricky, and I’m not sure if I can explain this properly or even if I remember how I did it, but here goes!  Sorry, I was suffering from a painful abscessed tooth at the time and on painkillers, so that didn’t help!lol!
My tree pieces are already cut out with my chosen colours, but do not assemble the tree yet. For small pieces, I add adhesive sheets to the back of my paper before die-cutting.  It really makes it easier to assemble your small die-cuts. Place the bottom tree piece on top of letters where you would like it. I tried to pick the best place where it wasn’t going to die-cut the pieces too narrow or tiny. Cut each layer of the tree separately as it’s too thick to do it assembled. 

I’ve used masking tape to tape down the next tree sections so it doesn’t move. 

After the tree parts are die-cut, you are now going to remove the letters and place your tree dies on the sticky grid.  You will now die cut your letters where the tree is going. So when you are assembling your card, your tree parts will replace the parts of the letters that were die-cut out. 

You will do the same with the negative cardstock piece and tree base. Sorry, if this sounds confusing!  It’s like putting puzzle pieces together!  If this is too time consuming, just adhering the tree on top of your letters would look just as good. 

Build your Colorize car, I recommend using the Sizzix directions, plus they make YouTube videos for all their Colorize sets. Again, I apply adhesive sheets to the back of my cardstock before die cutting those smaller pieces. 

Assemble the luggage piece separately.  There are two rope pieces in your set, one is for the luggage and the other is for your tree, in case you want to use this at Christmas. 

Adhere your car so the luggage ends up right where the “N” outline is. The top half of the N outline goes in front of the luggage and the bottom half is behind the car roof. 

Assemble your Colorize sign. I’ve used an Idea-ology label for the sign part and applied a Tiny Text Remnant rub. Also assemble your car exhaust (or this could be used as clouds).

After adhering all my pieces to my card front, I added in a couple of cardstock mats and then my cardstock base.   This die set is so cute, so many possibilities!  I found that the people in the Christmastime die set 664731(a couple with a tree and lamppost) are a pretty good proportion for using in the car.  You just need to use the upper part of the people and flip them so they face the same direction. 

Hope you have had a chance to see the release on YouTube, so much inspiration!  All the details and links to all the makers is on Tim’s blog

Thanks so much to visiting!
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Sizzix Road Trip Colorize 666288
Alphanumeric Bulletin Thinlits 666281
Distress Black Woodgrain Cardstock tshk81135
Distress Light Gray Holiday Woodgrain Cardstock tsck81197
Tiny Text Remnant Rub th93695
Tim Holtz or Sizzix coloured cardstock
Adhesive sheets



 Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the holiday season!  It’s time for for a new making season, and Tim Holtz has just released his new Sizzix Everyday 2023 line.  If you missed Tim’ s YouTube live last Saturday, you can go to his Blog for all the info and links.  You don’t want to miss all the amazing projects created by the makers!

For my first project, I created this Divided Drawer Vignette using the new Stitched Bunnies, Mini Brushstroke Flowers and 3D Entangled embossing folder.

Love this embossing folder!  I couldn't resist covering the whole outside of the box. Here's how I created my project.

Let’s get started!  I took out the two shelves and covered the inside of the box with Backdrops paper.

I’ve used Etcetera Pinked trim around the front of my drawer.  I painted a white base coat on first. After that dried, I added a light coat of dark brown paint layer. Once that layer dried, I applied Distress Transparent Crackle paste and after that was dry, Distress crayon was applied in the cracks.  As you're waiting for each layer to dry, you can work on the rest of the box.

For the embossed outside, I’ve used Kraft Heavystock. Cut out your pieces (I think I used 4) the size of the folder.

Run the folder through your die-cut machine.  Repeat for all the pieces. 

With your chosen Distress Crayons, mine are from the Christmas #4 Pearlescent set(Shiny Bauble and Merry mint), apply them on the raised areas.  I apply the crayon directly to the paper, and with a damp finger(touch a baby wipe or wet towel) rub the crayon in. I really like the shimmer the pearlescent have. 
Don't worry about being exact or covering them completely.

Sorry I didn’t have a photo of how I created the next step. To get the dark brown colour, I applied Distress Archival Ground Espresso ink directly to my embossing folder on the one side where the debossed background is. Carefully place the embossed & crayoned paper back on the opposite side facing the inked one.  You can feel where the paper fits back into the right grooves. Close the folder carefully and run through your machine again. That’s it! Some areas might not ink solid, but I liked that.  Cover the back and sides of the drawer with your embossed paper. 

Before adhering the Etcetera trim pieces, the top shelf(I only used the one shelf) needs to be in place. Cover this with Backdrops paper. I attached a metal gate to the front of the shelf. I clipped off a small section at one end, as my Etcetera trim overlapped and I needed the gate slightly narrower. I used Collage Medium but also reinforced with two brads(split the brad and each end on either side of the fence.  I poked a hole first so the end went into the wood easy). Add Distress Crackle paste to the shelf, paint after it had dried.  Also add paint and grit paste to the metal gate to make it look old and rusty. I’ve used brown, orange and yellow paint. 

                                            Here’s how the painted gate and shelf look when done. 

Now you can attach the trim pieces around the front edge of the drawer with Collage Medium. 
There’s about 1/8 inch overlap on the inside edge. 

This is the overlap on the outside edge. 

I added a base to the bottom of my drawer for added stability.  I used a baseboard covered with paper.

I die-cut the bunnies with white Sizzix Sculpting foam. This foam can be shaped when die-cutting flowers, but I used it because I like the soft and fuzzy texture for the bunnies. The edges were lightly inked with brown ink. 

The back layer was die-cut with black Kraftstock.  Before removing the die cut from the paper, I sanded around the edges. 

Adhere the two bunny pieces together. Die-cut the ‘x’ s with black Kraftstock also and adhere to a few places on the bunnies. With small die-cut pieces, I like to add an adhesive sheet to the back of the paper before die-cutting.  So much easier to adhere them!

I cut out a circle from Heavystock paper, cut two slits in it for my carrots. With embossing ink and Black Soot embossing power, I applied a few layers to the circle so it looks like dirt. Die-cut your carrots, cut off  a bit of one, so it’s shorter and I just used the top of another.  Assemble your carrots and 'dirt' in the barrel.

This is adhered with Collage Medium in the bottom corner of the drawer.  One of the bunnies is adhered on the back of the barrel.

I added a twig in the corner.  With the Mini Brushstroke Flower set, I die-cut leaves and attached them to the twig.  My leaves and the mini flowers were all die-cut with pieces of Distress Watercolour Heavystock that had been coloured with Distress Inks, Sprays and Distress Oxide Inks and sprays.  I keep all my small  leftover pieces of coloured paper, perfect for those little pieces.  The flowers were added in at the back of the box.

Here's another close up of the twig with leaves.  I have one of those dwarf Lilac trees, and I thought this branch was perfect with the dried buds still left on it!

After you have the flowers and branch in, add in some moss, then another bunny with a carrot in his paws.    He's placed on the outside of the box.

In my top shelf, I've die-cut eggs with coloured paper, added the 'x's also.   Mini Brushstroke Flowers, another Bunny (he's holding a heart) are added.  Moss was also added.  A few 'x's were added to the back of the drawer also.

Here's a close-up of the mini flowers.

A Book Clipping quote "Spring is in the Air" was added to the top with two Hardware Heads on either side.  That completes my vignette!  Hopefully I've remembered everything!  
Thanks so much for visiting here, hope you have been inspired to create your own Spring Vignette!

Until next time,


Material List
666293             Bunny Stitch Thinlits set   
666284              Brushstroke Mini Flowers
666155               Entangled 3D Embossing Folder
Sizzix Festive Sculpting Foam 664674
Divided Drawer TH93793
Backdrops Paper Pack TH94347
Metal Gate TH93961
Barrel TH94238
Black Kraftstock TH94145
Hardware Heads TH93788
Book Clipping
Stampers Anonymous Etcetera Pinked Trims THETC-009
Distress Kraft Heavystock TDA76384
Pearlescent Crayons Christmas Set #4 TSCK81180 (Shiny Bauble & Merry Mint)
Distress Archival Ground Espresso ink 
Distress Inks, Sprays to colour Watercolour Cardstock TDA53927

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