It's going to be a busy weekend...

for everyone at The Urban Scrapbook!  Not only is it National Scrapbook Day on Saturday, but also it's
Urban's 5th anniversary!  It's hard to believe that it's already been five years since Pat and Lori opened Urban.  When Pat and Lori asked me to come work for them, I had not scrapbooked before and didn't have a clue what a crop was!  Well, I've come a long way and it didn't take me long to become addicted!  This weekend they are having a three day crop (I think it is sold out) and lots of specials in the store, so make sure you drop in and help them celebrate!  They are also making this a breast cancer awareness weekend, so they have a silent auction going on, door prizes, lots of fun things to take part in to raise money for breast  cancer.  They have some amazing items that are up for auction, so you don't want to miss this!

Is this not a cool idea?  For a donation of $1.00 per person, you and your friends can take as many photos as you want!  Just stand behind the frame and pose away!


To celebrate National Scrapbook Day, I am giving away this package of the new Basic Grey
basics line in the beige tones!  These papers are gorgeous! Just leave a comment and I will be drawing the winning name on Sunday!


And to finish off this post,  here's a layout I did for The Color Room.  If you haven't checked this website out yet, they post a new palette of colors and a sketch every two weeks.  It's a great way to use up your stash of older papers!


I made the fabric flowers myself, after watch Elizabeth Kartchner's video on the American Crafts' blog.
They are so easy to make!  This layout is of myself and my cousin Jen and her family.  When we were in Australia last year, we spent a week with them.  We had a great time, she had every day filled with lots to see and do!  Can't wait to go back!

That's all for today, don't forget to leave a comment for the Basic Grey paper pack!!


Just when you thought...

you were going to have a quiet evening, day, anything, everything changes!  My son leaves for China next Wednesday and like a typical young man, leaves everything to the last minute.  I have asked him to check into his Chinese visa many times, but he decides to actually do something about it last weekend.  The only chinese consulate nearby is in Calgary and much to his surprise, he has to have a passport that is valid for the next six months.  Well, his is up for renewal in four months, so  first  he has to apply on Monday for a new one, which he fast tracked it, and it was ready yesterday.  Now, hmmm, what to do about the Chinese visa?  They won't do it by mail, only by person, or you have someone do it for you and they are only open two hours a day.  So he couriers his passport and application to a friend who lives in Calgary, to arrive today, only to have the friend tell him last night he won't be able to stay home and wait for it.  So, at 11:30pm I get a phone call asking if he can borrow my car so he can drive to Calgary at 4:30a.m. this morning so he can wait for his mail.  So, at 4:30a.m. he arrives, but of course the dog thinks he's an intruder, and decides she's going to protect me (or at least pretend to).  As soon as she finds out that it's him, she's so excited that she wants to play and proceeds to grab every toy she can find.  He leaves and my dog is now wide awake and wants me to play with her.  I finally fall asleep, and before I know it, I am awakened at 7:45 am. by the workmen who are going to jackhammer our back patio and driveway to put in a new sewer line.  There goes my nice quiet evening, morning, and afternoon!  I love my sons dearly, but for some reason they just can't organize their lives and leave everything until the last minute and then they panic!   I know there are lots of you out there that can relate to this!!
 So, when my wonderful and thoughtful sister heard about my evening and morning, she dropped off a coffee for me, thinking I really needed my Tim Horton's.  Unfortunately, she forgot that the worst side effect ever from this chemo is, that I just can't seem to drink coffee.  For those of you who know me, that's bad!!!!  But it was enjoyable for me to see someone else enjoy their Tim's.  Check out these photos:
Pat finished her coffee, and my dog immediately jumped up to lick her coffee cup for any dribbles.
Yes, my dog is a "Timmy's" girl.

This is sooo good!

Just a little bit more!

I think there's a few drops at the bottom here.  

Boy, that's good coffee!  Can I drink yours?

No?  Maybe I can get a few more drops from here.
I think she's been sneaking my coffee when I haven't been looking.  It appears she's really missed having her Tim's!  At least that cheered me up and we had a good laugh!

I did get my layout finished for the next Urban Scrapbook monthly challenge kits and here it is!
I was going to use another photo and do something different, but when I put this photo on my blog the other day, I thought it was perfect with these papers!


I made my flowers from the patterned paper.  The polka dot and large flower were cut out with my Slice machine.  The yellow one is from pleated ribbon.  All the paper, ribbon, yellow letters and diecuts are Pink Paislee's new line "Queen Bee".  Love this line!!  The stamp I used is from "Glitz".  These kits go on sale May 1st at Urban Scrapbook, and they go fast!

On a more serious note,  I am starting to lose my hair.  I spent the afternoon at Urban yesterday and I told Pat, if she sees any bald spots, stick one of those Prima flowers on top!  I could end up with a whole head of flowers!  At least I have a lot of hair, so it will take a few days I'm sure for me to notice.  I have a wig already, which is a really nice one actually, so I'm prepared.  It's all good!  
On that note, have a great and hopefully quiet, evening!


Today feels like....

we completely skipped spring here and went right into summer!  It's actually 26C out right now and sunny!  
Do I dare put away the winter coats?  Hmmm, maybe not, it could turn ugly yet and I don't want to jinx anything!

It's so nice to see things are starting to come up, I'm anxious to start gardening again.  I'm sure this favorite place of mine will be a weekly visit for me too.  

Wellington Gardens opened at the end of last month, and I think I've been there four times already!  Their gift shop is amazing, as you can see and their gardens are beautiful.  The owners make several trips a year to Europe and the States and bring back wonderful antiques (my weakness).  Sometimes I even buy plants!  If you have never been there, check it out!  

I made this layout using a color palette and sketch from this website, The Color Room.  It's a new site with an amazing design team and great inspiration!  Check it out!

"This Boy" is actually going to be 30 on Sunday!  I can't believe I'm the mother of a 30 year old, where did the time go?!!  I really had my children very, very young, didn't I?  Ha ha!

I have a thing for old metal or wire, don't know why, just do.  I started making these metal swirls out of thin gold wire and I think they will probably show up on more layouts.  Easy to make and they add just a little something to a layout.  


That's it for today, I'm going to get started on my layout for the monthly challenge at Urban Scrapbook.
I've been waiting anxiously for this new line, so I'm excited about using it.  I cleaned my scrapbook room up a bit yesterday, so I can actually see my desk, but I'm sure it won't last long once I start scrapping!  Have a great week!!


It's been awhile....

It seems  so long ago that I was making those daily trips to the hospital, and I thought things would calm down a bit.  Ha!  Not a chance!

First up, more tests to make sure my body can withstand all those wonderful things that Chemo does to you.  (more on that later).  I've had all sorts of dyes and radioactive things injected into me, I wonder if I glow in the dark now?

 After the first round of those finished, I had a wonderful surprise that my sister, Pat and my daughter Cassandra cooked up.  Pat wanted me to work one afternoon after one of my tests, while she was at the doctor's.  I was more than happy to, since really I just wanted to look at all the new stuff that had arrived at the store, and maybe purchase a few(just a few) things!  I walked in the store and right away Pat came up to me and said she had a surprise for me.  Now, those wonderful girls at the store have already done so much for me, so I thought what else could they do.  I turned around, and there in front of me was my daughter!  My first thought was, does she ever look like my daughter, wait a minute, it is!!  Those two sneaks never told anyone!  I was so shocked she was here, since I thought she was on her way to China.  She decided to make a side trip here to Edmonton (I think it's been three years since she's been home) and then onto L.A. and then China.  When I brought her home, my husband Rob, couldn't believe it!  Well, we had a wonderful five days together, it was so nice to have her home even though it was so short.  And then....

I started to get a bad cold.  I was in a bit of a panic, because I was supposed to go the cancer clinic for another test and start my chemo, which wasn't going to happen if I was sick.  And if that wasn't enough,
our computer crashed.  Now that was worse than the cold, I think.  Our hard drive went, and almost everything with it.  Arggg!!!  My son had set up an external hard drive for me, but I think he just set it up to  copy my photos, which thankfully, I think I have most of them.  But everything else was lost.  So that is why I haven't been around lately.  I'm happy to say that on the weekend, we got our computer back (slowly trying to put everything back) and I managed to get that nasty cold under control before my hospital visits.  I'm sure I picked it up from all my quality time in those hospital and doctor's waiting rooms!

I started my chemo last Friday and so far it hasn't been too bad.  I just feel like an alien has taken over my body inside and is making a few changes!  No, not quite, it actually feels like when you are first pregnant, and you feel a little queasy, and your body feels very tired.  I haven't had that feeling in a really long time!!

I felt so good this week, almost normal.  No pain, no cold, no infection, no tests, doctor visits, hospital visits, it was nice.  I think I overdid it yesterday, though, 'cause today I'm not feeling great.  I was hoping to  actually sit down and do some scrapbooking.  I haven't felt very creative lately, or had the energy to get much done.  All this wonderful new product I have to play with too!  I'm going to try anyways.

Enough of my rambling, hope I haven't bored the one or two people that visit me here!!
Here are two layouts that I actually did last month, one is for Urban Scrapbook's monthly challenge.
We had to use the word "new" and the gorgeous new Prima paper.  We also had to use micro beads, which can be quite addicting when you start covering patterned paper.  It gives a nice vintage feel to the paper.  I used it on the two diecut pieces on either side of the photo of Roxy, my sweet little puppy, and on a few of the butterflies.

This other layout, is of my youngest son, Devin on his grade 12 graduation.  I 'm trying to use some of my wonderful Tim Holtz stamps.  The paper is from Graphic45, their new men's collection and clock pieces from Urban Scrapbook.  The picture isn't the greatest, there sure hasn't been very much sunshine here lately!!

Anyways, have a great week and let's hope we finally get some spring weather here!!!
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