Hello everyone!  It’s hard to believe that Halloween is almost here, isn’t it?  I’m sharing with you today, my last project created for Tim Holtz Idea-ology Halloween 2022.  I was hoping to post this sooner, but I guess late is better than not at all!

I’ve created this Halloween mini clipboard using one of my favourite items in the  Idea-ology release, the baseboard door. The skull is amazing too!  Here’s how I created it:

To start off my mini clipboard project, I have removed the clip. This just unscrews from the back. 

Before adhering a Bat Adornment, I added some Statue(I think it was Statue or Mined) Foundry Wax to the clip and bat. Once the bat was secure and the Collage Medium was dry, Crypt Grit paste was added. I applied it a bit thicker around the bat so it looked like it was part of the clip. Set this aside to dry. I didn’t add any around the back of the clip yet, I did that after it was screwed back on. 

I wanted a small shelf at the bottom of my clipboard, so I used a Web Etcetera trim and used 3 of the plain skinny pieces (depends how deep you want your shelf). 

I glued my pieces together. You can paint them before or after assembling. They were painted with Black Soot Distress paint, then dry brushed with Frayed Burlap. Two Pearl Drops were added on each end, and then Crypt Grit paste added.  

For my Witches behind the door, I used this pair of Halloween paper dolls. The edges were trimmed to fit behind the Halloween Baseboard Door. I also added some witch hats from the Curiosities Sticker Book. The paper dolls were glued in front of paper from the Halloween Backdrops paper pkg.  I’ve adhered a small Mica Tile (I’ve purchased these US Artquest tile pkgs. from Amazon) behind the door windows. This tile had little black flecks in it, which added to the theme. 

A Swivel Clasp chain was added to the door with a brad. I have hung a lock and key from this. I’ve cut out a piece of Backdrops paper about the same size as the door.  Ephemera and Halloween Collage Tiles were added along the outside. I machine stitched them on, but you can just glue them on. These come out just outside the door as shown in the main photo. 

Before adding my papers to the clipboard, I applied Crackle Halloween Design Tape all around the edge of the clipboard. A piece of Worn Wallpaper was cut to the size of the clipboard and machine stitched around the edge.  The edges were then inked and distressed. This was then adhered to the board.  I also covered the back of my clipboard with paper but didn’t have a photo of it. The centre piece of paper with the ephemera was adhered over this. The clip was screwed back on and Crypt paste applied around the back where the posts were. After the paste was dry, I added a touch of Frayed Burlap paint to the raised areas on the clip. 

This Skull embellishment has a drippy candle glued on top (with Collage Medium) and then I added more drips down the candle and skull with hot glue. Foundry Wax and a bit of paint were added to blend the two together and cover the hot glue. 

For my “31” I used these two Halloween Baseboard pieces. I have a tiny hole punch or you can use something else like a craft pic to punch a few holes near the top, for sewing heavy thread through. Leave threads on either end to tie up the bones. Once they are hand stitched, I wet my baseboard pieces(mostly around the edges) and this makes the layers of paper separate. I roll up the edges, to make it look old and distressed. Ink the edges, distress, color, to age them. 

  Glue your door onto the clipboard, with the top edge slightly under the clip. Just make sure you leave enough room for your small shelf at the bottom of the door. The tip of the web is at the bottom of the clipboard.

Adhere your web shelf, then the “31” right in the middle below. I’ve also adhered the tied up bones(these were also inked and aged).  Two Pearl Drops were added on each side with ends of the thread tucked around or beside them. 

I’ve added a broom on one side, which was distressed with paint and sprays. I bent the broom bristles to make it look old and well used.  

My skull was adhered to one side with craft dried moss and a Halloween pumpkin (Foundry Wax on the pumpkins too). 

The lock and key also had Foundry Wax and Crypt Paste added. 

A Spider Adornment was aged with Foundry Wax and paint, then attached to the broom.  Two more pumpkins treated with Foundry Wax and paint were added, along with moss, beside the broom. 

Here’s another look at my finished Clipboard.  Hope you have been inspired by all the fabulous Halloween projects created by the Tim holtz makers.  If you missed the YouTube live, check Tim’s channel or his website for links to all the maker’s projects. 
Have a great Halloween and happy crafting!

Until next time, 

TH93278 Clip Board
ETC014 Bat/Web Etcetera Trim
TH94250 Halloween Adornments
TH94266Halloween Paper dolls 
TH94271 Curiosities Sticker Book
TH94252 Halloween Baseboards
TH94255 Halloween Collage Tiles
TH94261 Halloween Ephemera 
TH94251 Backdrops Paper pkg.
TH94147 Halloween Worn Wallpaper Scraps
TH94259 Halloween Design Tape
TH92677 Swivel Clasp
TH94270 Skulls
TH94260 Candles
TH94262 Halloween Fringe
TH94265 Pearl Droplets
TH94162 Lock/Keys
TH94168 Boneyard
TH94176 Broomstick 
Tdak80442 Kit 2 Foundry Wax (Statue)
Distress Paint - Frayed Burlap, Black Soot
Halloween Mica Stain
Crypt Grit Paste 
Dried moss from craft store



Hello everyone!  Halloween is almost here, and I’m sure there’s a lot of you still creating for this spooky holiday. Usually I’m in full Halloween mood, decorating  and still creating, but I’ve been visiting our new granddaughter and her big sister, so I’m missing out a bit this year.  Plus, my husband and I unfortunately came down with Covid, so I haven’t had much energy. So, sorry this post is a little late, I had planned to get it done sooner! Here’s how I created my Vignette Arched Shrine!

I covered my entire shrine in the Halloween Collage paper with Collage Medium. I wanted the Woodgrain to show through, so I applied directly over top of the shrine. I also applied Collage Medium over the paper to seal it. 

A narrow Design Tape was added to the edges. 

Two narrow wood pieces come with the Shrine for the base. I covered the larger one with the wider Design Tape around the edge. The middle of the piece will be covered.

The top base piece was covered with Halloween Worn Wallpaper.  Lightly sand and ink the edges to give it a worn and distressed  look.   Glue the two pieces together with Collage Medium. 

I wanted an even bigger base, so I could create more dimension with my embellishments. I had an older Idea-ology baseboard (it was a cigarbox top looking baseboard) that I covered with Worn Wallpaper also. 

The smaller original  shrine base was adhered to this, towards the back. 

I’ve drilled a hole in the shrine for my tiny lights. This is near the bottom edge. 

I love this scenic card in the Halloween Layers pkg, which was the inspiration for this make. It was adhered in the middle to my shrine. It’s wider than the box, but instead of trimming. I left the sides curved. 

I’ve left some tiny lights at the bottom coming out from under the scenic card and the rest are going above. 

This is the Spiderweb transparency from the Halloween Transparency pkg.  
it’s cut up to fit in the upper shrine part. 

I’ve used the smallest Vignette box and a Vignette Frame for my small scene. 

Both wood pieces are painted with Black Soot paint. I measured and made a paper template first and used it as a pattern to cut out the transparency.  This transparency fits the outside of the wood box.  The inside rectangle is cut out slightly smaller than the box, so it rests on top. If it’s not exactly the same shape, don’t worry, the frame covers any imperfections. I’ve cut out the transparency square whole so it fits inside. Make sure you leave extra around the edges, so they can be folded underneath. 

It will look like this with the transparency sandwiched in between the box and frame. I’ve drilled a small hole in the vignette box for a few lights to go inside also.  The box will be glued first onto the shrine, before the frame and transparency. 

The box is glued just above the scenic card. The lights are arranged around and inside the vignette box. 

I lightly sanded with steel wool, the transparencies, the pattern is on the back side, so don’t sand the back or it will come off.  This was just to give the surface a duller finish so the Distress Translucent Crackle paint stuck on better.  If you want a cleaner look, just skip this. Gently rub in black soot crayon to accent the cracks. 

Place the inside transparency piece inside the box and adhere the edges. It just rests against the tiny lights. 

Next, adhered the larger transparency piece. The bottom of this will be covered with floral pieces, so don’t worry if it’s crooked. You can see where my transparency is slightly off around the box, but it doesn’t matter as the frame covers it. 

Adhere the frame on top. I’ve added crypt paste to the frame also. 

All of my embellishments were aged with Distress Crypt paste. I’ve used one section of the ornate gates. My Halloween Tombstone has Halloween Rubs on the front and back, then it also has Crypt Grit paste on it. 

I’ve also used Drippy Candles, a skull, mummy cloth, an urn, Halloween Fringe, and Bouquet tiny flowers. The mummy cloth was coloured with distress sprays and the candles, skull were tinted with distress crayons (Decayed pearl Mica (Halloween Seasonal) and Walnut Stain. I’ve kept everything neutral in this project, except for the Bouquet flowers and the Wedding flowers on my paper doll. These were coloured with purple/violet sprays and Distress Crayons. 

My Halloween paper doll is slightly shaded with a neutral distress crayon and the flowers in purple/violet shades. 

This is the back of my tombstone.  Remnant Rubs were also added before the Crypt Paste. After the paste had dried, I highlighted the raised areas with a dab of Distress paint. 

Once you have all your embellishments tinted, coloured and crypt paste added, adhere with Distress Collage Medium to your small vignette framed box. I added the small piece of tinted mummy cloth first, then the candles, skull and flowers. The urn, which also has Crypt Paste added, is filled with a small piece of Halloween Fringe and tinted tiny bouquet flowers.  This is glued to the bottom corner of the Shrine. My gate piece is also adhered with Collage Medium to the edge of the Shrine. I also reinforced it to the edge with a small piece of thin wire that I bent over the gate post and poked into the wood. The paper doll is glued to the front, her elbow looks like it’s resting on the gate. 

I added patches of Crypt paste to the base. I chose some book clippings from the Halloween Sticker book and placed these so it looks like they are sunken into the paste. There’s two ways to do this. One, is to cut out a thick piece of cardboard the same size as your clipping piece, place it on the base, apply the paste, then lift up the cardboard piece. Once the paste has dried, stick down the book clipping. Or, place your clipping lightly on the base, then apply your paste, lifting the clipping immediately after, wiping off the paste on the clipping (with a craft knife or craft pic so you get a nice clean impression left). Stick it back down after the paste is dry. 

Glue down the tombstone in front of the paper doll, and apply Crypt Paste around, and in front. 

I’ve added flowers from the Halloween Layers pkg. and Worn Wallpaper pkg.  I like to give paper flowers a bit more dimension, so I curve the edges with a stylus. These are placed along the bottom of the frame and sides of the shrine. A small book clipping (marriages & deaths) is placed at the top of the shrine and a  pearl droplet on each end. I also added a hanging bat from the Halloween Ephemera pkg.(it’s hanging from the flowers)

My Vignette story is told with book clippings all around the back edge. I removed a bunch from my sticker book that I thought would work, placed them on my craft mat, to figure out which ones I wanted to use for my story.  It was fun trying to figure out a bit of a story using the available stickers. These are all inked lightly on the edges. 

Here in the darkened house of weeping - Rosalie ultimately lost her mind - watching and waiting - in the dead of night -

For the - ghost of the departed. - an unfortunate ending,

As when the howling of the wolf is heard - 

Embodied spirits, haunted him by night - then suddenly, a strange thing happened. - horrible sight!

A Halloween Shape Seal was added to the top, with Crypt Paste added around the edges. A bit of craft moss added around the base and a couple of tiny flowers to finish it off. 

Here’s a look at the back. 

This is what it looks like light up. Most of the lights are around and in the small vignette box, but the few that I left at the bottom behind the paper doll are just enough to light that area up. 

Here’s another look at my finished project. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Until next time, 


Vignette Arched ShrineTH94273
Halloween Collage Paper TH94254
Tombstones TH94173
Halloween Ornate Gates TH94159
Halloween Paper Dolls TH94266
Curiosities Sticker Book TH94271
Halloween Layers Th94264
Halloween Fringe TH94262
Halloween Design Tape TH94259
Urns TH94174
Drippy Candles TH94260
Halloween Worn Wallpaper Scraps TH94147
Halloween Remnant Rubs TH94268
Mummy Cloth Trimmings TH94155
Skulls TH94270
Halloween Transparencies TH94272
Pearl Droplets TH94265
Halloween Ephemera Pack TH94261
Halloween Shape Seals TH94269
Bouquet TH93569
Vignette Frames TH93694
Vignette box TH93279
Halloween Tiny Lights TH94157
Craft moss



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