Hexagons & Honeycombs

Today I'm posting a tutorial on the Sizzix blog!  I created this layout on a wood panel, the details are here. I had so much fun altering my hexagons!

I hope you visit the Sizzix blog for more photos and instructions.
Have a great National Scrapbook Day tomorrow!



Roxanne said...

Gorgeous!! I left a comment on the Sizzix blog for you too. I had totally forgotten about the diffusing plates and was trying to figure out how you got the honeycomb on the edge! It is the perfect technique for that folder too. Love it!!

Anna-Karin said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful project Jan. I am waiting for those diffuser plates. I have never seen anyone do honeycomb patterns this well.

Gretel Among said...

Seriously love this layout!

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