Tim Holtz Media Team Countdown Calendar

I have a tutorial for the Tim Holtz Media Team on Tim's blog today.  I will be sharing how I made this Christmas Countdown Calendar:

Hope you visit me there!

Have a great weekend,


S@ndy Diller said...

This is truly wonderful Jan, I feel so inspired to make one myself. I left a comment on Tim's blog but wanted to stop by here just to let you know that I really love this idea and how you made it uniquely yours. I love your work and stop by often even though I don't leave a comment. Happy Holidays -

gaylemontayostudio said...

OH YEA...Had to join your LOVELY blog! LOVE IT! Thank you for the great tutorial Jan...awesome artwork, your a pro!

Jackie PN said...

Love how you made the greenery appear to be real! Well done!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous... Love it!

KAT said...

Just wanted to leave a comment about how much I love this! As soon as my Christmas craziness settles down I will be making one and I wanted to thank you for the inspiration!

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