Hello friends!  I'm sharing with you today, a project created for Tim's Sizzix Chapter 4 Facebook release.  You can find links to everyone's projects that were created for this, on his blog here.

Love, love this Day of the Dead Colorize set!  I think I am quite taken with the guitar player!  I decided he should be serenading his love, but I really don't know how he ended up in a tree!

Here is my Vignette Shrine without the Tiny Lights on.  I am going to show you how I created this project!

First I drilled a hole in the corner of my Vignette Shrine(TH94034) and pulled a set of Tiny Lights through.  I wanted them to be evenly spread out and flat so I used a glue gun to anchor them down in a few places.

I covered the back and the sides on the inside of the shrine with paper from the Departed Mini Stash(TH94054).  Adhere the battery pack of the Tiny Lights to the back.  I should let you know here, that there are two wood base pieces to the Shrine, which I had full intentions of using, but I have no idea what happened to them and after searching everywhere, gave up. Actually, I still haven't found them, even after I cleaned up my disaster of a room! Distress and ink the edges.  I also decided to use Ranger's Crackle paste on the front edges of the box a little later, but I would do it now.  After the crackle dried, I used a Distress crayon to colour the cracks.

Next, I cut a piece of acrylic (doesn't matter what kind, it will be covered) that fits inside the shrine.  This lays on top of the Tiny Lights. I die-cut two sets of the Gate Keeper from black cardstock and glued them together like the above photo.  These are adhered to the acrylic.

This is what the gates look like with the acrylic adhered behind. You're only going to see the shadow of these when the lights are turned on.

I cut out a piece of Yupo paper to fit inside the Shrine, and coloured it with various alcohol inks, darker on the bottom.  This is adhered on top of the acrylic, along the edges. 

This is what it looks like lit up.

Next, I built my tree. I cut a few branches from a backyard tree.  I hot glued a few extra pieces to make it a bit more dense and easier for my guitar player to sit on.  Add some dried moss (from the craft store) to the branches and the bottom of the Shrine.  It also covers up where I added more branch pieces. Adhere this to the one side of the box inside.  

Build your Colorize Day of the Dead characters.  I used Mixed Media Heavystock that was coloured with Oxide inks and sprays.  The black is cardstock.  If you're unsure how to create your Colorize pieces, Sizzix has a video for every one of them.  So helpful! They are all on YouTube.  It does take a bit of patience with the small pieces.  I use Sizzix adhesive sheets on the back of my paper before cutting out.  I also use reverse action tweezers from my Sizzix Paper Sculpting kit to pick up and hold these small pieces.  These are the best tweezers!  You squeeze them to open, so you don't have to hold them closed (does that make sense?) and they grip those tiny pieces so well! You don't have to worry about dropping and losing those little bits while building your pieces.

Here is the one for this set.

After you have created your skeletons, adhere them to the inside of the box.  I used a mini action wobble on the back of my lady(for a bit of fun and she dances) and adhered that to a piece of about 1/2-3/4" thick foam so it was near the front of my structure.  The foam was also slightly slanted, higher closer to the side, so she faces a bit towards the man.

Here's how the lady looks after she was adhered.  She sticks out a bit past the edge.  I dyed some small flowers (Bouquet TH93569) with Distress Spray and adhered those into my moss.

Here's the guitar player sitting in the tree. Don't you love how his hand fits around the guitar?  I decided to put him up in there, as there wasn't a lot of room for them to be side by side and because there was a lot of height inside the shrine.  It filled that upper space also. 

I added a tombstone (TH93980-Cryptic) with a Halloween Rubs (TH93972) and a bit of moss.

I even made a very short video of my Skeleton lady dancing to the music!

Here's another look at my project!  Hope I've inspired you to create your own Day of the Dead Shrine!

Hope you visit again,



Andrea said...

Good work!

scrappinnuts said...

Wow ! Truly a piece of Art

Kat Stachowiak said...

Thank you! So inspiring. I'm ready to try this using old family photos instead of paper dolls.

Anonymous said...

Spectacular! Thanks for posting and for the much needed inspiration. Can't wait to get this die set out now!

Donna Nuce said...

Loved this! Wonder if you are going to share your December daily you made for the Ideology release? Would love to see closeups of it all.

phinner said...

Jan - Very awesome piece and clever use of all the supplies! I love this so much especially your vid of the dancing catrina!

DebbieEYE said...

This is so cute!!!

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