Hello friends! If you managed to catch the Tim Holtz YouTube Live today (March 12th), you are aware of his very new Ranger Ink product, Foundry Wax.  I was lucky enough to receive some to create with, and all I can say is, wow!  This wax is nothing like any other wax that you have used.  I don't know about you, but it is very dry here, so every time I would buy artist's wax products, they would dry out in no time and I would have to throw them out.  Also, when heated, it looks more like leafing and is permanent. If you have ever tried gold leafing, you know how messy that can be!

Foundry Wax comes in two different sets.  Wax Kit #1 is Gilded and Mined and Wax Kit #2 is Sterling and Statue.

I've created this card using the Mined Foundry Wax, which is a very rich coppery colour.  Just a quick explanation to show you a few different ways to use it.

I first embossed a piece of Black Alcohol Ink Cardstock with the 3D Elegent Embossing Texture Fade.  I used this cardstock as I love the matte velvety texture and it's really black.  It is designed to work with Alcohol Inks, Pearls and mixatives, therefore it doesn't buckle and is a good weight. I wasn't sure what medium I was going to use when I first started, I was thinking Alcohol Ink, but then I just decided to use paint to see how Foundry Wax worked with this medium. 

After embossing, I applied a very small amount of Prize Ribbon Distress Paint, almost dry brushing it, so my black still showed through.  I dry brushed a touch of Saltwater Taffy Distress Paint in a few areas, just to give it a bit of warm colour.

After my paint dried, I started applying my Foundry Wax.  I did this with a very small amount on my craft mat at a time.  I’ve used my finger to apply it on my embossed surface but you can also use a small brush. Since this is a very new product, I would suggest watching Tim's video to hear all his tips and tricks with it.  He has so many different amazing techniques using this product.  It dries very fast, once out of the bottle, so I used small amounts at a time.  A little goes a long way. You won't want to waste any, as you will want to use it on everything!  Once I had it applied to my surface, I used my Embossing tool to heat it.  It doesn't take long, a few seconds, and like magic, it turns shiny immediately! A word of caution, do not heat next to your Foundry Wax bottle, it does react to high heat very easy!  That was cautionary advice from Tim!

Next, I used it on a butterfly die-cut.  I used Metallic Kraftstock for the large butterfly, lightly sanded the edges.  I also used this Entomology Stamp Set with matching dies for the smaller butterflies.  These were die-cut out from regular black cardstock, then stamped with Prize Ribbon Archival Ink,  and embossed with clear embossing powder.  I wanted the Foundry Wax to pick up all the raised embossed stamping on my butterflies. After my stamped and embossed images were finished, I applied the wax with my finger. Wow!

I love how this wax highlights the stamped images, can't wait to try other stamps!  I didn't use a lot on the larger butterfly, but I did use it directly on the metal Heart Adornment.  Love how it works on metal! (I use my Tim Holtz reverse grip tweezers to hold my metal piece to avoid burning your fingers)There was a tiny bit left on my mat, so I touched up my label sticker too.  I did say, you will want to use it on everything, didn't I? lol!  On all my items, I have applied the wax with a thinner amount, but you can also apply it heavier or even reapply more layers. 

I was having fun making my butterflies, I couldn't stop.  I'll save them for another card!

I matted my card front to a piece of copper Metallic Kraft Stock, then my black card base.  Adhere your butterflies and label sticker, and the card is done! I’m sure I will be trying this wax on everything! There's so much to learn and experiment with Foundry Wax.  Hope you try out this new product, I can't wait to see what everyone creates!  

Thanks for stopping by,


Materials Used:

Alcohol Ink Matte Black Cardstock TAC65487
Mined Foundry Wax
Scribbly Thinlits 664409 (large butterfly)
Entomology 663068 (small butterflies)
CMS328 Entomology Stamps
3D Texture Fade - Elegant 664172
Prize Ribbon - Distress Paint & Archival Ink
Saltwater Taffy Distress Paint
Metal Heart Adornment TH94130
Label Sticker TH94229 (Free to Fly)


scrappergirl56/Sherry said...

WOW, your card looks amazing. I love the contrast with the Prize Ribbon, Black Alcohol Ink cardstock and the Mined Foundry Wax. Can hardly wait to get my paws on these beauties. Gonna wax up everything....LOL.

Scrapthat said...

Your butterflies turned out SO lovely Jan! TFS!

Stacy625 said...

Beautiful make!!

Pati said...

Beautiful! That Prize Ribbon Blue on the black with that embossing looks grand! I would have had a hard time not stopping there! But I do love how you continued on, using the Foundry Wax, very cool affect!

Kerry Bunting said...

Stunningly beautiful card! TFS

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