I can't believe...

It's been a whole month since my last post.  I've been on a short holiday and haven't had a chance to scrapbook much this past month.  My husband had to go out to Vancouver Island on business, so I decided to join him, to get away from all our bad weather and rain.  Just our luck, it rained everyday and was colder than here.  It didn't get off to a good start either, the highway was closed for 15 hours due to very bad accident involving a tanker and the only way around it(we discovered after searching six hours) was going over a horrendous logging road up and around a mountain.  Let's just say, it's a trip we won't forget soon.  We did manage to go to one of my favorite places, The Butchart Gardens in Victoria.  It just gets better and better every time I go.

Isn't this the most incredible hedge?  Can you imagine having to trim this one? My husband and I had a good laugh about this.  Lucky for them, he's not the one doing it, it would only be a foot high.  He has a tendency to over-trim things, he never knows when to stop!
It is time for Urban Scrapbook's Monthly Layout Challenge kit which has to include hidden journaling.  Here's my layout:
The suitcase(included in the kit) is made from grunge paper and Tim Holtz's suitcase die.
When opened, there's space for journaling (I haven't done that yet) and with seam binding I made a kind of pocket to hold extra photos.
On the top photo, I made three copies, covering the small pocket with one.  The tag is covered with another and the back.  I only glued three side of the bottom photo, so the tag(journaling on the back) could slip in.  The other girls came up with some really creative ideas, so if you are in the store, check out all our layouts.  They are also on Urban's website under each designer's name.
That's all for today, I'll be back soon with my monthly tag!
Have a great weekend!


Petra van Osch said...

Again: great inspiration! Too bad you had so much bad weather on your trip... but the pictures are beautiful!

Nadine Karen said...

The photos of the garden are amazing, the garden looks amazing. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

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