I'm posting two days in a row!  Actually, I was getting too tired yesterday to finish my post so I decided to leave the rest until today.
Well, this morning was my first zap of radiation.  Never mind worrying about the radiation, I think the worst part is trying to leave the house by 7:30 a.m. to get to the cancer clinic!  It's been a long time since I've had to drive in early morning rush hour, but at least it's only for a month.  It's not too bad getting zapped, it's just like getting an xray.  The worst part is holding the same position (your arms above your head, holding a bar) for about 10 - 15 minutes.  Ten minutes doesn't sound long, but it seems longer and of course some part of your body cramps up immediately!  Just like when you're at the dentist and you get a tickle in your throat as soon as he starts working on you!  Never fails!

Well, that's about all that's happening with me, now to show you the mini book Pat and I have created.  Pat used the "leaves" mini album AccuCut diecuts from the store to cut out corrugated, chipboard, canvas, acrylic, wood, and cork paper.

The top cover is acrylic, edged with microbeads.  The small leaves are diecut metal, acrylic, and paper.  The leaves were then embossed, using Tim Holtz embossing folders.  I then used alcohol ink to color the 
acrylic and metal leaves.

The wood leaf page was spritzed with teal "Radiant Rain" shimmering mist. The letters were cut out, using cork paper, with the Tim Holtz alphabet diecut and then inked with green. The leaf was edged with smooch pumpkin paint.

This cardstock covered leaf is embellished with small diecut leaves. The cream colored one is canvas, embossed with a Tim Holtz folder. The chipboard one was painted orange and then the one side covered with three different colours of microbeads.

This corrugated leaf was edged with orange paint.  The flowers were cut out with Tim Holtz flower diecut, using canvas  paper.  They were then embossed with a Tim Holtz embossing folder and lightly  inked with purple and green ink.

This leaf was accented with metal and paper embossed leaves.

This corrugated leaf has embossed paper and acrylic leaves.  I also used Tim Holtz tissue tape on the left side. This tape is great, it's very sticky and blends well into the paper. I just tore strips off and placed them side by side.

I embossed this small corrugated diecut leaf and lightly painted with orange paint. The chipboard leaf is covered with microdots and edged down the middle with smooch paint.

Cork paper covers this leaf. Alcohol inked acrylic leaves and a canvas flower accent.

Small embossed leaves are lightly inked. Tim Holtz tissue tape covers the left side.

I made my own masks using Tim Holtz blank mask sheets and my Slice machine. The leaves are from the slice cartridge "Fall Back to School".

The back of the book is covered with canvas paper and the edges inked. I used the leaf masks again, with different colors of ink. The bottom right side is Tim Holtz tissue tape again.

That's it for our fall book.  It's a great way to showcase all those autumn photos! Once I started embossing the different papers, I didn't want to stop! I especially loved how the canvas paper looked, I was surprised it took so well to the embossing.

I now have to finish up my "Little Black Dress" kit club projects, I'm late with those!! Hopefully, I will be sharing those in the next couple of days.
Have a great day tomorrow!


Sandra D said...

So glad to see that you are feeling better. What a gorgeous mini-album! Thanks for sharing all the detailed explanation of your techniques. Is this going to be offered as a class?

Traci said...

Love the album! I'd love to post it on AccuCut Craft's blog or even if you come Like Us on facebook and post your fabulous creations there.

Traci Armbrust
AccuCut & AccuCut Craft
Senior Project Designer

Christiane said...

omg, this is out of this world!!
i'm glad to see you posting again!!

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