This confirms it....

I work with the most thoughtful, caring and amazing women that I know.  They have been so supportive since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A couple of weeks ago Sheri and Heather attended an annual retailer event here and they got to talking with Lindsay, Julie and Eric from Cosmo Cricket (who are so nice and friendly!).  Last year I attended and showed them a cool technique that I discovered with their black chipboard, they thought it was great and put it on their blog.  When Sheri and Heather told them about me, they decided to do this little video, much to my surprise, yesterday, when I went on their blog.
I was so blown away, and a little teary, o.k, a lot teary when I watched the video and read the comments.
So, thank-you Sheri, Heather, Lindsay, Julie, Eric and all the other scrapbookers for your comments and words of encouragement!

As for scrapbooking, I thought this was such a cool idea from the Pink Paislee blog    .  I think I might have to try this!
Have a great Friday!


Sheri said...

Jan Jan,

You are WAY too kind and WAY too talented and EVERYONE loves you because you are kind and funny and spunky and fabulous!
Thanks for all that you do and all that you are!

I am so proud of you and I am so proud to be your friend!

You are a trooper!

Sheri xo

Roxanne said...

Went to the CC blog yesterday ... saw "Edmonton" ...needed to get going out the door too ...but that grabbed my attention! so I kept reading ...."Sherry and Heather", "Jan" ...and the video!!!
I delayed my leaving even longer and hopped over to the US blog and read what was shared there and learned you had a blog!
You are an amazing woman and an inspiration (in art and life) to all of us lucky to know you.
And...I have not gone over to SIStv or 2Peas for awhile (yikes!) so I missed your latest layouts. As always, I LOVE them. However the tissue paper and glimmer mist....sweet! I so want to try that. Me and a hundred others!
Thanks for the shout to me too. You are the best!

Roslyn said...

Hi Jan!
I just found your blog thanks to Sheri's post. So nice to be able to check in and see how you are doing! I think about you often. I too admire your talent and always love the opportunity to talk to you. You've been such a great sounding board on not only scrapbooking but parenting too. That day I first walked into the Urban Scrapbook was one of my luckiest. Thanks for being you!

Cari said...

Hi there Jan!
It's been so long. I emailed Pat a while back and she told me what's been going on. I'm so sorry to hear this but glad that you are doing better.
I was so excited when I saw the post on CC the other day!! It was fun to see both Sheri & Heather on there too!

Sandra D said...

Hi Jan,
thanks to the recent post on the Urban blog, I was able to visit your awesome blog. It is so creative, just like you! So sorry to hear of your health challenges, I am sending all my best wishes for a speedy & complete recovery. Take care, Sandra Dickie

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