Is it Monday??!!!

More about that later, but first a layout and some cards...

A layout I did last week, of my daughter at a few months old.  I've been loving all the layouts done with glimmer mist lately and figured I might as well use some of the many bottles in my stash.  Trying to use up some older paper too!

The chipboard needed something, so I used microbeads in the center of two flowers and an accordion flower(one edge punched out first with a border punch) in the center of the big flower.

It was my friend Heather's birthday last week so I made this card
and since I was in the card making mood and I have a lot of birthdays next month I made two more.  Usually I leave it to the last minute, so for once I hope to have a head start!

I love using the Bazzill embossed and scalloped 6 x 12 sheets for cards.  They make a great base for a card!  Hopefully I'll be able to work on more this week.

I had some fantastic news last Thursday, my pathology report came back and all the lymph nodes that were removed this last surgery were negative!!!  I never thought I would love hearing that word, "negative" so much!  I've been waiting to hear it since December, so I'm being positive about the negative!  
And then, starting Friday, things started on a little downturn.  Wouldn't you know it, maybe it was the shock of hearing good news for once.  I didn't feel great, almost like I was getting the flu or fighting off something.  By Saturday night, I was in the hospital emergency until 1:00am.  I have an infection from the surgery.  So in the past 48 hours I have been back to the hospital seven times for intravenous antibiotics.  The worst is having to be there at 6:30 a.m. for the first one of the day, especially the night we got home (because of the time change) at 2:00 a.m.  So, this weekend was a lost cause for me, I've been at the hospital or slept through most of it.  I find out tonight if I need to continue the i.v. therapy.  I am feeling better today, so hopefully not! 

Have a great week everyone!


Roxanne said...

Thrilled to hear the GOOD news! Speechless in regards to your weekend. No more of that kind of stuff needed.
I am envious of your glimmer...I can't find that kind of success with mine. I'll send good health vibes your way and you send good glimmer talent my way? :) hugs!

Sandra D said...

Your good news is awesome. I have been keeping my fingers crossed for you ever since Pat told me that you were expecting news last week. So sorry to hear about the setback - hopefully the antibiotics work their magic quickly. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous lo and the lovely cards. The recipients will be thrilled with your handiwork.

The Urban Scrapbook inc. said...


First off... I am super duper happy about the good news! It's too bad about the infection but I'm glad they caught it when they did!

You know I LOVE your layouts but my favorite ones are always the ones where you use pictures of your kids from years ago... I think people took pictures differently back then and I love the stories that the pictures tell!

Fabulous layout and Cass sure was a cutie!

Have a great week!

Sheri xo

Amy Beier said...

Jan, I am happy to hear you have good news. I often think about you & hope you are doing well. As usual, your layouts are awesome ... if only I had some of your creativity!!

Amy Beier

Roslyn said...

Hi Jan!
Wow, what a rough time for you. I hope all is well now and that you are feeling better.
Your pages and cards are amazing as always. When I sit in front of a half finished page contemplating what it needs I find myself thinking "what would Jan do?" lol. I want to channel some of your creative ability.
hugs and best wishes. Hope to see you soon!


Alison said...

Great News Jan! (well, not the infection part - that sucks) Love the layouts and cards! They are so inspiring! Take care of yourself!


Heather Prins said...

yay!!!! And i LOVE my card!!

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