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Kit Club projects finally!  I still have a couple of cards to finish, but I thought I'd better post these because before I know it, the next kit will be arriving.

Loved the colors in October's "Romance at Dusk" kit and lots of fun vintage embellishments!

First up, is a Halloween Cone, which I am giving directions.

I used a paper mache cone purchased from Michael's and covered it with patterned paper from Glitz (Hallowed Damask).  I place the paper on the diagonal  and use a glue stick to adhere it to the cone.  You will have to piece a small part at the back of the cone, at the top; but you won't notice once the ribbon is in place.  Instead of using different ribbons at the top, I used paper.

The top paper is black shiny cardstock punched with a Martha Stewart border bunch.  Next one, I pleated paper, about 4 strips and sewed them together.  The polka dot paper was sewn with a large running stitch down the center (3pieces).  I then wet the paper, dab to remove the excess water, and carefully gather.  Let the gathered strips dry and attach together. The yellow paper was just pleated and glued to the middle of the polka dot paper.  Before I glued down the polka dot strip, I glued down the satin ruffled ribbon.  The trick or treat medallion  was made using tissue paper and music note paper gathered and tied in a circle.  I then dipped the edges in white glue and dipped into glitter.  Set aside to dry.  The center was a journalling sticker, which I cut out the lined middle and stuck a book page behind.  Attach your letters (these are Thickers) and glue to the gathered papers.  Glue to the front of the cone.  I cut a strip of paper, fringed it, rolled it and glued it to the bottom of the cone.  Cover the end of the cone with ribbon.  I punched holes on either side of the top of the cone and strung ribbon through, tying a knot on the end inside the cone.  And that's your Halloween cone!
Here's some layouts, using the October Kit.

My son, Devin, loved to imitate Jim Carrey all the time.  So when "The Mask" came out, that's all he wanted to be for Halloween.

Loved all the pumpkins at Prairie Gardens, especially the grey ones!

Can't have Halloween layouts without one of Roxy!  This was from last year and I haven't had a chance to scrapbook it.  The yellow, red and black colors were perfect for this photo!
I am always amazed how well she sits for these dress-up photos, she doesn't seem to mind wearing these outfits at all!  Of course she knows there are always treats for her after!
Check out what the rest of the design team did with this kit and also their special guest, Elizabeth Kartchner (Dear Lizzy) here.
Have a great Friday!


Anonymous said...

wow Jan these are all gorgeous!!!

Jody said...

Amazing Jan! Love the Halloween Cone!

Sandra D said...

Thanks Jan for the detailed instructions. Your ability to transform paper is so inspiring. Always love to see the Roxy photos.

Amy Heller said...

Jan - I just wanted to tell you how much i LOVE this cone! It's off the charts, a-dorable!! LOVE it!

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