Monthly Challenge

Here's my layout for Urban Scrapbook's monthly page kit challenge.  We got to work with My Mind's Eye halloween paper this month and the word for October was "Beware".

My dog was quite fascinated with this crow that I had perched on a pumpkin.  I thought for sure I would find it one day with the beak chewed off but I was really surprised when I caught her licking the beak like crazy.  I love the guilty look on her face when she saw me snapping these photos.  I haven't taken a pic of her dressed in her annual halloween costume yet, that's another layout!  I know, pretty sad isn't it, when your kids are all grown up and there's no more costume photos.  Lucky for me, mine doesn't mind being dressed up and photographed, she knows it always ends with treats!

We had these chandelier drops in our kits, so I turned mine into a "spider flower".  I cut out two spider webs with my slice (last year's halloween card), then strung the drops (four large, four small) together with very thin wire.  The small spider is from the diecut sheet.  The crow was cut out from the same card, (it didn't cut all the way through the corrugated cardboard, which I cut on the backside and finished cutting with scissors) sanded and some glitter added to the wing section.  It's hard to tell by the photo, but  that dark part by the crow is black rose ribbon.  I thought I would be the only one doing a layout of my dog, but seems some of the other girls had the same idea!   The layouts are in the store, I'm not sure if Pat has had time to put them up on the website yet, they should up by Sunday or Monday.  Pat and Lori have been busy with the store's booth at Scrapfest which ends tomorrow.  
Have a great weekend!

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