Vintage Halloween Garland

I had intended to post this last night but it was getting late, so I decided to wait until today.  I had bought some vintage looking garland last year made out of tissue paper and thought it would be easy to make my own.  When I started to make it, I realized that my Martha Stewart Fringe scissors would make this project even easier!
Here goes:

These are the scissors and garland!

I bought two packages of tissue paper, one black and one orange.  I was looking for cream, but couldn't find any, so I went with two colors. Open up the sheets and layer, alternating the colors, making sure the edges line up.

Next, cut through all the layers (with regular scissors) a strip of about 2 - 2 1/2 inches in width, the entire length of the paper. Continue doing this until all the paper is cut into strips or how many you want to make.

Next, you are going to take the strips and sew down the middle of each one.  I left some thread hanging on the ends so I could tie the garlands together.

Take your scissors (fringe scissors if you have them - makes it so easy and fast) and cut narrow strips toward the centre, taking care not to cut through the stitching.

Continue cutting all the way across and repeat on the other side.

This is what your fringed strip should look like.

Take the tissue strip in your hand and squish it until all the tissue is rumpled. 

This is how your finished garland should look.  Just tie as many together as you want, to get the length you would like.  I usually tie three or four together.  And there you have your vintage looking Halloween garland!

I have to show off my new purchase from the weekend!  Pat, Kayla and I went to the Antique Mall on Saturday (our favorite place) and found a few treasures.  This came home with me:

No, the spiders were not included!
I put spiders everywhere for Halloween; that's about as scary as I get!  Loved this old typewriter and I also found an old Kodak camera with it's original leather case.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have my "Little Black Dress Kit Club" projects done so I can share!
Have a great Thursday!


kim c said...

What a perfect tutorial. You rock!

Jody said...

Love the garland and it looks great in the store! your new purchases! Would love to shop with you guys next...give me a shout!

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