Happy Halloween!

Aren't these the coolest carved pumpkins! They are done by a master pumpkin carver,  Ray Villafane , who even has a tutorial on his blog.  Check out his other pumpkins, they are amazing!
Well, Pat and I made it to Spooktacular on Friday night, but we were so tired from moving the store all day, that we just couldn't stand in line to go in the haunted houses.  After standing for more than an hour to get into the first house, and still not even close to getting in, we gave up.  We sat and had hot chocolate while Pat's daughter and friends went in.  It wasn't as good as last year, so we were a little disappointed.  The gypsy fire dancers weren't  there and the line-ups were so long for the haunted houses.  I guess Saturday wasn't as bad but hopefully they fix it next year.
Here's a spooky photo of Pat as we were leaving, it got really foggy out when we were leaving!  I added a few actions by JoesSisah to make it spookier.

Here's a photo of the zombies dancing to "Thriller" in the graveyard.

Urban Scrapbook is all moved and ready for business Monday morning.  I am still amazed how fast we got everything done.  All the staff showed up with their husbands on Saturday and we got everything put back.  Come and check out the new store this week!  Pat and Lori are also having a big grand opening, check out the store's blog and website for details.
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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