Trick or Treat?

Roxy has been practicing her tricks so she'll get lots of treats!

Are you ready for Halloween?
We've a bad week of weather (snow!) so hopefully it warms up a bit for Sunday.  I don't get a lot of children, last year was probably the most I've had, around 50.  I waited until yesterday to buy my treats, they seem to disappear before the 31st!
Here's a photo of a witch's boot that I made last year.  I had quite a few people ask how I made it (it was on display at Urban Scrapbook) and I kept the template somewhere, but I can't remember where I put it.
I basically made template of a boot sole, complete with pointy toe, and one of a boot side(cut 2 of these).  I didn't worry about them being perfect, as long as the length of the sole and the bottom of the side was about the same.
I made little cuts about 1/4 inch deep all around the sole and the bottom of the sides and turned them in.  glue the backs of the two sides together and then the tip of the boot.  Next glue the sole to the sides.  I then sprayed the whole boot with glimmer mist, until the boot was saturated.  I next molded the boot into the shape I wanted, let dry.  For the heel, I sprayed leftover paper and twisted and played around with it until it resembled a heel.  Spray the tongue and let these dry. Attach the tongue at the front of the boot, under the sides.  I used some 7Gypsies paper fasteners with string slipped through them before pressing the fasteners closed to bring the two sides together.  Attach the heel to the bottom.  This boot isn't meant to be perfect looking!  It was fun to experiment as I went along, I don't think you could ever get two exactly the same!

I love vintage looking Halloween decorations, and I seem to  have more witch themed things than anything!  Looks like I have accumulated a few witches!  Here are some of my favorites!

Pat and I are going with her daughter and friend to Fort Edmonton's Spooktacular Friday night.  We went last year and had a great time!
Our favorite part was the gypsy fire dancers who performed in the street and the zombies dancing in the graveyard to "Thriller".  Maybe we will see some of our Urban customers there!
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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